Digital Signage Software in Retail: Transforming The Way Retail Drives Store Traffic and Sales


With the considerable rise in online shopping, the traditional retail stores have adopted the newer modes of effective sales and marketing. Several brick-and-mortar stores have comprehended the importance of digital signage and studied how it served crucial in driving foot traffic to physical stores and boosting brand recognition. It assists in reducing costs, embellishing customer’s purchasing decisions and improving in-store communication. In this blogpost, we are going to focus on the significance of retail digital signage software that helps in driving store traffic and sales. It offers a perfect platform to spotlight a point of sale with cloud-based or on-premise digital signage solutions. To get a proper understanding of retail digital signage software, it is important to understand what exactly digital signage is and how to select the right one for your business.

Introducing digital signage

Digital signage can be delineated as the utilization of display technologies including LCD screens, LCD monitors, LED walls, marketing messages, and many more. Several stores as well as restaurants harness the potential of retail digital signage to administer effective promotion mediums and for advertising products and services. The software manages and displays content delivering engaging shopping experiences across different locations while reducing digital signage networks cost.

It streamlines digital signage processes including coordinating signage across diverse locations and keeping content up-to-date on a massive scale, significantly diminishing signage cost expenses. In this context, it is relevant to understand the major perks of adopting digital signage software for brick-and-mortar stores.

Advantages of retail digital signage system

Enhance purchasing determinations and obtain more sales

Many consumers agree that administering pertinent information relating to the point of sale and digital displays are capable of influencing several purchasing decisions. Cloud-based retail digital signage software offers consumers a complete feel of a product by featuring its perspectives, qualities, design through interactive videos. Many brands are using digital signage Android display reports for augmenting their sales. From creating interactive shopping experiences to increasing the target of cross sales, up-sells and impulsive purchases.

Driving more traffic to physical retail stores

One of the foremost important benefits of digital signage is driving traffic to stores. As per the latest report, it has been estimated that consumers have entered a store after viewing digital signage.

Augment social media visibility

Nowadays, commercial businesses must have a strong online presence for staying ahead of the competitive curve. Retail digital signage system has evolved into promoting websites and social media accounts. Retailers are capable of presenting their social media websites along with intuitive content on digital screens in stores.

Administer entertainment

It is relevant for your business to keep visitors entertained. The universal tendency of customers to learn new things. Digital signage software has created an excellent platform for retail stores. One can easily display several multimedia display content such as photos, graphics, videos and so forth.

Creating brand awareness

When retail stores are having digital signage software, it creates a popular perception of the company in the minds of customers. As more customers view brand image and see multiple content displays in digital signage, they become more engrossed in the brand’s product and services. The customers will be more inclined to your brand and more likely to spend more money.

Advance internal communications

Digital signage among retail stores have major advantages in strengthening internal communications within stores. One can easily install retail digital signage displays that show staff-specific information. It will not only help strengthen business culture but also improve the overall working environment in addition to employee communication.

Boosting brand loyalty

With the help of digital signage systems, companies can easily promote newsletters, mobile applications, customer loyalty and many more. It has the potential to increase touchpoints with customers and get closer to them.

Relevant elements of digital signage

Among the varied components of a digital signage, we have listed some of the important digital signage elements that have become popular

Content management system

Content Management Software (1).png

A content management system is capable of managing and updating that is displayed on your digital signage. One can integrate it with retail store operations for streamlining distinct processes within a single platform. Content can be easily updated from any location at any time. During recent times, companies are in favor of cloud-based software. This is due to the reason that it enables real-time upgrades from any location at any time. If you run a multi-location business, retail digital signage CRM software is highly beneficial.

Media players

Media players are generally connected to the digital display system. It transmits content to the system. With the technological advancements, latest media players can easily connect to Wifi, enabling you to access the portal for modifying the digital signage solution. Media players work as the main component of the digital signage software, while the digital screen serves as the body and the involved hardware as the face.

Digital content

When it comes to digital signage solutions, the primary thing that comes to mind is content. Several factors are responsible for creating quality content for your digital marketing display. In order to accomplish marketing objectives, one can work with a full-service digital signage software.

How to select the right digital signage solution?

Several factors are responsible for selecting the digital signage solution for retail stores. The right solution is capable of meeting your budget plan, administering required support, and remote monitoring. Additionally, it will ensure stability, scalability and security. Digital signage retail is capable of bringing huge benefits to a retail firm. It can assist in improving your brand image and awareness, embellish customer purchasing decisions and increase sales. Having the above-mentioned features, digital signage has become one of the relevant tools to assist in making your brand stand out from the crowd.

Final thought

Digital signage software has proved to be a boon for brick-and-mortar stores. If you are looking for an effective digital signage software solution, Blinkbee is the right choice for you. Blinkbee offers a complete digital signage solution for retail, restaurants and other industry verticals. Our professionals have many years of experience in crafting world-class solutions leveraging advanced technologies and tools. Connect with the expert individuals to know more about retail digital signage systems.