Top 6 Benefits of Digital Signage for Schools, Universities & Colleges


With all the digital noise going around the world, communicating and grabbing customer’s attention through content is beneficial. Several organizations make use of the cloud-based content management platform for seamlessly displaying content and reaching target audiences at the right time and place. Digital signage in universities, schools and colleges is considered a powerful way to convey messages to students, teachers and staff. It has become commonplace for retailers. Nowadays, educational organizations can take advantage of digital signage technology. In this article, we will delineate the multi-faceted benefits of digital signage solutions for universities, schools and colleges.

How is digital signage influential in educational institutions?

Schools, universities and colleges are capable of interacting with students and staff to ensure that the learning is not disrupted. Most students are inclined to notice digital signage immediately as they catch sight of it. This has resulted in many educational institutions in the US, European countries and Asian nations installing digital displays and integrating them with digital signage software. By harnessing the functionalities of digital signage solutions for education, students can remain informed of relevant school information, schedules, and so forth. To have a proper understanding of the digital signage possibilities, we need to learn the major benefits of digital signage.

Easy-to-use software

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Based on the digital signage software, the availability of features will vary. On the lookout for the best platforms, one can determine by considering easy-to-use features, seamlessness, content management systems and so forth. There are many ways in which digital signage solutions can offer a functional approach to the school environment. For instance, in the case of homework assignments, teachers are capable of creating a message as displayed content.

Blinkbee is the top digital signage software having effective functionalities. Using cloud-based digital signage systems, different forms of content including livestream, text, and audiovisual can be easily displayed. This cloud-based system has made it possible for schools and colleges to operate digital screens from a centralized solution and update content on different digital screens stationed at different school premises.

The overall increase in reach

Gone are the days of printed posters or printed leaflets as nowadays students and people are more inclined to digital displays. The display of digital screens has made it convenient for schools, universities and colleges to convey information and manage it easily through education digital signage systems. A digital screen or a video wall are necessarily bigger renditions of smartphone screens. The strategy lies in involving digital signage by placing them in a place where the space is typically empty. It will easily draw the attention of students and staff. The movement and animations in content in addition to the brightness of the screen will assist in making your content stand out from the competition.


A digital signage solution enables you to adapt quickly as there is no requirement for printing. In case of content change, one can quickly access signage software and update the content. For instance, when there is a change of class for a lesson, one can quickly access signage software to create a message to be displayed on the nearest screen to the original classroom. The perk of content scheduling is another beneficial feature. Blinkbee is a powerful digital signage software that has the potential to schedule content. This scheduling feature allows users to set the time of the next piece of content that starts to be displayed on screens. Following the content schedule, it will automatically update as scheduled. Content displays can be of any form ranging from Instagram, sliding text, videos, live stream, weather forecast, sliding text and many more.

Optimize content for school

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With a brilliant content management and digital signage platform, the content can be easily organized at the right time. Blinkbee offers an effective content management solution having extensive scheduling features. The digital signage software solutions are capable of creating playlists for specific days and hours right from school timetables to the latest events and notices. As the content is uploaded, admins can easily set the orders in which the content will be displayed. Blinkbee’s scheduling feature enables you to select specific playlists to play during specific days and specific times.

Enhance learning experience

Modern campuses can be challenging to navigate for previously busy students. Digital signage can administer directories to display class schedules. This eliminates any kind of confusion among students. It helps in integrating live data, RSS feeds and valuable data relating to any new updates of schools or colleges. Within the campus network and school premises, digital signage for schools makes it possible for students to remain informed about the advancements in the field. Students can be encouraged to connect by displaying their messages, assisting to build a sense of community.

Real-time updates

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Digital signs for universities and schools allow the staff to provide students and faculty with on-time updates on relevant information. Digital screens and message boards can be used to relay information relating to school teams, educational organizations and activities. The real-time information feature of digital signage comprises traffic, weather and more updates on daily occurrences.

Final Conclusion

After observing the varied aspects of digital signage for education, it can be concluded that digital signage has major usability in various industry verticals including educational institutions. Digital signage solutions in schools have worked in empowering digital screens with dynamic content that engages targeted viewers. Blinkbee is one of the leading digital signage software that effectively manages digital screens at different locations. It utilizes dynamic content approaches to get creative in organizing and managing content. The idea of using Blinkbee digital signage as a section of schools, universities and colleges will advance communication and create a sense of community. It is highly scalable, rendering flexible features for educational institutions.