Establish brief engagement with workforce in one click

Digital signage has immense potential in improving the workplace safety & employee communication level within manufacturing industry verticals.

Digital signage software driving steadfast results


of manufacturers use digital signage when displaying their products in trade shows and exhibitions.


improvement in workplace engagements through digital signage


reduction in injury and illness rates due to safety and health communications in digital signage

Top digital signage for manufacturing

If you are in search of bridging the employee communication gap between the production unit and front office, a seamless solution is essential to your business infrastructure. Real-time data gathering can play a pivotal role in productivity. We administer dynamic digital signage software delivering unified messages to different sectors of businesses. It provides a smooth interface for engaging the workforce, building community and increasing productivity. Digital signage enables you to view a quick picture of everything. With digital signage, employees can view a clear picture of the latest news, updates and metrics which will help keep them updated and motivated.

Content for digital signage manufacturing boards

Content for digital signage manufacturing boards

Digital signage content creates a popular engagement space where employees can remain updated with the latest company information. Digital signage is quite easy to use rendering scalable solutions to businesses. Manufacturing facilities need a digital platform to boost deskless engagement and workplace safety. Our digital signage system offers a complete approach to helping companies engage employees, advance safety and boost efficiency.

Employing digital signage results in

Employing digital signage results in

  • Workers want to learn more about the content displayed on the screen
  • Significant decrease in workplace injuries with digital signage for safety communique
  • Retaining valuable employees

Core features of Blinkbee’s digital signage

One can empower patients as well as employees with relevant information. Medical digital signage is considered a popular solution for streamlining various healthcare operations.

Data dashboards

Amplify productivity for the deskless manufacturing workforce

Right from managers to shift manufacturing workers can view data in real-time so that they can improve performance by eliminating the loopholes. It comprises data dashboards for managing digital display content from a centralized access. It's time to offer your workforce the tools for success.

Amplify productivity for the deskless manufacturing workforce
Amplify profits

Security notifications & alerts

Improve office safety with digital signage

Blinkbee’s digital signage for manufacturing displays security and safety protocols throughout different locations. It shows videos, presentations and documents on digital screens for maximum retention of safety standards. In case of emergency situations, digital screens can also display security and customize evacuation.

Boost employee productivity and engagement

It is important to keep employees engaged right from the production floor to deskless workers. One can send business-specific messages across distinct sites as well as reach employees within a few clicks

  • For deskless workers

    Data-driven workforce will be highly amplified in the scenario of manufacturing deskless workers. One can utilize digital signage for displaying real-time performance metrics, tracking KPIs, and identifying opportunities for improvement.

  • For non-desk workers

    Digital signage has made it possible to reach the impossible in manufacturing verticals. Different messages can be conveyed through the digital signs. It will amplify the visibility of key messages as well as safety messages for non-desk messages.

Boost employee productivity and engagement

Mastering manufacturing digital signage with exclusive features

Plug & play

Blinkbee’s digital signage solution can integrate easy setup and robust performance that is specifically engineered for digital screens. Users can easily plug and play.

Flexible pricing plans

At Blinkbee, we provide flexible pricing plans so that clients can choose plans as per requirements. If you are on the lookout for manufacturing and factory deployment connect with our experts to know more.

Easy to use

Digital signage software makes it easier to drag and drop any type of media into the software. One can get it on screens across locations within a few clicks.

High-grade security

We have integrated unique security features so that they can align with corporate protocols and keep your data safe. Workspaces ensure custom access controls and permissions.

Displaying distinct types of content

Different content formats such as PDFs, presentations and videos can be uploaded in seconds using the Blinkbee digital signage solution. It helps in creating engaging data dashboards with interactive content.

Why choose blinkbee as a digital signage partner for manufacturing?


Skilled professionals

At Blinkbee, we have digital signage-certified professionals who have years of expertise in implementing digital signage across different industry verticals.


Expert solutions

Our professionals are adept at installing, implementing and managing digital signage networks of all sizes. Our main objective is to simplify the entire process for clients.


Advanced technologies & tools

Blinkbee experts make effective use of advanced technologies and tools for crafting high-end digital signage solutions. Digital signage hardware manufacturers well understand the required technologies and deliver as per requirements.

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Digital signage software driving steadfast results

Manufacturing Digital signage: The ultimate signage solution

Leverage digital media and interactivity to instantly grab the workforce's attention. Convey work regulations among the workforce with Blinkbee digital signage.

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