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Digital signage software driving steadfast results


of manufacturers use digital signage when displaying their products in trade shows and exhibitions.


improvement in workplace engagements through digital signage


reduction in injury and illness rates due to safety and health communications in digital signage

Top digital signage for an exceptional workplace experience

With Blinkbee at your fingertips, every workplace has turned into a perfect example of running a digital transformation space. It is serving as a great opportunity for corporate employers to motivate and engage employees effectively. Blinkbee Office Digital Signage can be integrated with corporate offices to boost workplace experience strategy.

Internal corporate communications

It's time to customize free corporate digital signage templates for celebrating team successes, employee recognitions and promotions. One can advertise training opportunities and team bonding events for easy access screens for uploading content and strengthening corporate culture. 

Internal corporate communications
Improve performance

Improve performance

Acquire vital business analytics on screen in seconds with Blinkbee digital signage. Get relevant metrics that assist employees in aligning with corporate strategy and share important insights.

Display emergency alerts

It’s time to keep your employees safe in situations of emergency. In corporate offices, digital screens can be installed to offer exact instructions before beginning a task. Therefore it provides ample security. It warns workers about the potential hazards and guides them through a list of safety checks. In this way, workers can work safely.

Display emergency alerts

Why select Blinkbee as digital signage software?

Enterprise-grade security

Security is one of the relevant concerns when it comes to multinational corporate organizations. Blinkbee is a premium digital signage for the workplace comprising effective features for enterprise-grade security.

Seamless usage

Our digital signage software is quite easy to use making it simpler for corporate offices. Blinkbee makes it easier for offices to digitally remain active and engage employees within the office environment.

Display any type of content

Effectively designed to administer corporations with a seamless display of content, Blinkbee digital signage software displays different content types. It has become easier to acquire any content you require on screen in minutes comprising videos, doc files, images, playlists, presentations, and corporate projects.

Essential perks of workplace digital signage solutions

  • Administer a modern & professional environment
  • Support wayfinding & navigation within office infrastructure
  • Enhance corporate office visibility
  • Amplify workplace safety
  • Real-time notifications
  • Advance internal communication
Essential Perks of Workplace Digital Signage Solutions

Content for workplace digital signage

Blinkbee enables corporate offices to make the most of digital signage systems

Digital signage software driving steadfast results

Corporate digital signage: Digitize office environments

Corporate digital signage is a simple and easily affordable way to communicate with your internal members easily.

Frequently asked questions about corporate digital signage software