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Leverage multifaceted potential of digital signage that has a vast array of applications across diverse educational organizations.

Digital signage software driving steadfast results


of manufacturers use digital signage when displaying their products in trade shows and exhibitions.


improvement in workplace engagements through digital signage


reduction in injury and illness rates due to safety and health communications in digital signage

Excellent digital signage for education

The traditional methods of learning have become outdated in recent times. Blinkbee’s digital signage for schools is designed to create an effective cloud-based software system that performs well on any device. It is time to make your digital signage an integral part of campus life. Cloud-based software makes the entire process easy to set up and easily runs on consumer-grade.

Blinkbee offers a complete approach to modernizing and revamping schools for communicating immediately with thousands of students within just a few clicks.

Blinkbee makes your campus a digital communication space
centralize data & information

With the effective implementation of digital signage, school and college authorities can centralize information. Students will always acknowledge where to look for relevant information.

Enriching campuses

Digital signage can be used for telling your school’s story with engaging & dynamic content.

Saving additional cost

Digital signage has put an end to the wastage of paper by eliminating the requirement of printing various notices, notifications and many more.

Build seamless communication

One can cut out emails and create digital content for displaying on digital screens stationed at different campus spaces.

Simplified management

Blinkbee digital signage comes with CMS that can be used easily to set up in minutes.

Engage students

Students will easily engage with the digital signage system as they find it easy to locate their information.

Core features of education digital signage

One can empower patients as well as employees with relevant information. Medical digital signage is considered a popular solution for streamlining various healthcare operations.

Strengthen communication with students effectively

One can give your students a voice and harness screens across campus to promote club meetings, support groups, school plays and teams. In order to establish a strong school community, digital signage software can be leveraged to create videos and livestreams for students. Digital signage solutions for schools can be used as a learning experience. One can utilize screens to get students to participate in different events.

Strengthen communication with students effectively
Connect exclusively with students

Connect exclusively with students

It has never been easier before to present updates and messages to students. One can use free stock images, videos, interactive content, screen layout templates and many more. Digital signage software helps schools & colleges manage digital content across different platforms.

Access & manage content from anywhere

Using digital signage for education, schools and colleges can easily access and manage content from anywhere. Contents can be seamlessly updated with the help of digital signage systems. It can be accessed from anywhere at any time making it easier for users to operate digital signs and update contents from time to time.

Access & manage content from anywhere

Digital display boards for schools

Educational institutions are utilizing digital signage to create dynamic content and engage students. Thereby embellishing overall connection levels. The strategy of displaying timely content will compel students and visitors to look at your screen


  • Increasing usage of papers has led to increasing costs which involved effective printing. Print and paper costs cannot be ignored when it comes to distribution among all students of the organization.
  • Communicating with students is challenging as it requires teachers and professors to physically distribute notices and messages to students across different standards.
  • Students felt less likely to engage themselves in school activities and events.


Digital signage has bridged the communication gap that persists in educational institutions. Digital signage has elevated the processes within an educational infrastructure.

  • Helped in promoting school events growing a sense of motivation among students
  • Amplifying overall school branding and image
  • Diminishing overhead costs in comparison to posters
  • Enhance emergency action plans
  • Administer real-time updates easily.

Major use cases of digital signage

Our digital signage serves an important purpose for conveying distinct messages.



With the help of wayfinding features students can easily navigate through campus with real-time directions. This can lead to a stress-free campus experience.

Student communication

Student communication

Digital signage helps in bridging the communication barrier between administrators and students with easy-to-read digital displays.


Event promotion

Seamlessly display upcoming school events on your screens. This assists in maximizing event visibility and engagement around high-traffic areas.

Effectively engage members

Emergency alerts

Digital signage system offers the feature of overriding active content with emergency alerts to help students and staff from danger.

Ready to get started

We have professional experts to figure out digital signage for universities requirements for your needs.

Digital signage software driving steadfast results

Education digital signage: Engage students in a digital way

Update students about important notices and notifications easily with powerful Blinkbee digital signage solutions. Create dynamic content and engage students easily.

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