Improve healthcare communication standards with digital signage

Healthcare organizations can solve communication challenges with patients and staff. Digital signage improves hospital navigation and display services with effective healthcare digital signage.

Digital signage software driving steadfast results


of patients say they actively seek digital health solutions whenever possible.


of hospitals now provide digital communication systems.


is the noticed increase in business of Clinics using displays very often.

Healthcare / Hospital digital signage solutions

As the top medical digital signage service provider, Blinkbee offers a clear approach to promoting hospital awareness. Healthcare centres utilize digital screens to create interactive content formats like video, live stream, dynamic playlists and many more. Using Blinkbee’s digital signage for healthcare, one can create and edit content comprising health-related information, medical emergency alerts, vaccination notices and many more. At Blinkbee, we have expert developers creating popular healthcare signage applications for medical facilities.

Smart healthcare solution

Smart healthcare solution

Empower healthcare professionals to excel in roles. Right from medical professionals to patients' healthcare digital signage, we have elevated the customer experience for patients and visitors with advanced content and increased productivity.

Utilize attention & engage with healthcare signage

Utilize attention & engage with healthcare signage

For effectively reaching the target audience it is crucial to deliver captivating displays. Digital signage content is visually striking, comprehensible and interactive which makes it highly functional for medical facilities.

Seamlessly display customizable content

Seamlessly display customizable content

Digital signage instantly displays intuitive content that easily grabs the attention of healthcare-related stakeholders. Within a few clicks, one can gain easy access to dynamic and custom digital signage solutions for healthcare.

Platform for wayfinding

Platform for wayfinding

There are times when it becomes difficult to navigate various departments across the hospital area. The effective wayfinding signage enhances the patient experience saving overall time and creating a welcoming environment.

Major use cases of medical Digital Signage

One can empower patients as well as employees with relevant information. Medical digital signage is considered a popular solution for streamlining various healthcare operations.

Effective patient communication

Digital signage helps in displaying information to improve patient experience. Serving as an external communication display, digital signage has popular applications.

Digital building directory

One can use the digital building to assist visitors and patients in finding their way. One can make it easier for patients to get complete info about the healthcare facility.

Digital menu boards

Healthcare verticals effectively utilize digital menu boards in the cafeteria to enhance facilities. One can leverage dynamic digital menu boards in the hospital canteen areas to increase overall revenue.

Staff communication

One can display significant hospital metrics as well as updates for streamlining daily operations. One can share company updates as well as KPIs. Engage employees using potential digital signage software.


Blinkbee helps users schedule content at different times so that it can streamline overall content management across several digital screens. It helps in remotely managing awareness campaigns and service promotions in several locations.

Emergency alerts

In terms of security and safety, digital signage can be utilized to provide emergency security alerts and inform individuals regarding the safety protocols of patients and staff.

Time to take your screens together

Healthcare providers can effectively use blinkbee to advance their facilities. Digital signage can be applied across medical facilities in some ways:

  • Amplify emergency response with visual messaging programmed to trigger at specific points of crisis.
  • Integrate digital signage with electronic health records for patient & room information displays.
  • Create interactive intake kiosks where patients can easily check-in, pay bills and many more.
  • Built for any industry, Blinkbee opens up the digital signage market to anyone in the industry who is on the lookout to use screens in a valuable way for their business.
Time to take your screens together

Why Blinkbee for healthcare and medical facilities?


Educate & advise

Utilize digital screens for sharing significant information with all patients.


Diminish dwell time

Digital signage content helps in reducing perceived visitor wait time


Generate revenue

It assists your significant sponsors and partners to reach more of the audience


Ease staff workload

Digital signs provide wayfinding, significant notices and updates successfully easing out staff workload

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Digital signage software driving steadfast results

Healthcare digital signage: The ultimate signage for medical aspects

Discover the benefits of healthcare digital signage that embellishes the overall patient experience, creates a favorable environment, and saves ample time required for connecting with other medical facilities.

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