Amplify sales with digital signage menuboard

Boost your restaurant business with a dynamic digital menuboard. Digital signage offers a perfect platform for promoting daily specials, happy hour deals, upcoming events & others

Digital signage software driving steadfast results


of manufacturers use digital signage when displaying their products in trade shows and exhibitions.


improvement in workplace engagements through digital signage


reduction in injury and illness rates due to safety and health communications in digital signage

Get the ultimate QSR digital signage solution

Blinkbee offers premium digital signage solutions for hotels and QSR chains that empowers them to proffer customers with beautiful digital experiences. Our digital signage professionals have many years of experience in creating premium digital signage systems that are specially designed for QSR and hotel business chains. Digital signage restaurant solutions provide a modern ecosystem for customers that helps in creating a brilliant experience. Digital menuboards are quite easy to implement and update bringing multiple benefits to restaurants.

Adjust menus & promotions

With Blinkbee, one can update promotions and pricing on the spot across other locations. One can create dynamic digital menuboards in minutes and drive sales with essential content. One can quickly create content with customizable app integrations

Adjust menus & promotions
Build brand events & create a community

Build brand events & create a community

One can utilize screens for promoting events in restaurants. Additionally, it can be used for displaying reviews and social media posts.

Advanced digital menuboards

Digital menu display software offers flair to quick service restaurants for implementing and updating multiple benefits to restaurants. With the help of these digital menuboards, restaurants can display special menus of the day, discounts on buffet and many more.

Advanced digital menuboards


With the effective implementation of digital signage systems new menu items and promotions with digital content can be scheduled to display at specific times. Our digital screen solutions assist in engaging customers in an efficient way. 

Attain sustainability with eco friendly options

The traditional methods of printing menus have become outdated. It has been replaced with the modern digital signage for restaurants. As an eco-friendly alternative, it helps in saving time, paper as well as money that is required for printing paper. While going digital one can update & control screens remotely in seconds.

Attain sustainability with eco friendly options
Stay ahead of the competitive curve across QSR chain

Stay ahead of the competitive curve across QSR chain

Blinkbee is a premium digital signage system created with advanced tools and features offering a cloud-based and on-premise solution for QSR businesses. It offers a centralized management platform from where users can operate digital content on digital screens across various locations. 

Why choose Blinkbee for quick service restaurant business?

If you want to offer a hassle-free restaurant experience for customers, digital signage can be a great initiative.


Hassle-free solution

Blinkbee is quite easy to use as it makes digital content display easier. Playlists can be simply created and content can be managed from a centralized platform.


Content display

From docs to multiple formats, images to videos and many more, one can keep your customers updated with the latest contents.


Simplified setup

Blinkbee is compatible with distinct media players and they are equally easy to set up. Having simplified setup options it is easy to manage displays across various locations.


Flexible pricing plans

We provide cost-effective and feature-rich pricing plans that will completely fit the budget of the restaurant. Blinkbee comes with a display management solution that offers flexible pricing plans for businesses.


Display network management solution

Now it has become easier to manage customer experiences centrally and standardize tools across different locations.


Create a positive brand experience

Administering a creative digital dining experience will help in elevating and modernizing the brand with consistent in-location experiences.


Global management &  personalize locally

Custom user permissions of Blinkbee offer access to screen controls at the time of retaining central governance & management.


Engage customers with reliable messages

As customers get engaged with digital visualization, it amplifies the ordering process of customers.


Attract customers with digital signage

Menuboards can be displayed for grabbing potential customers’ attention towards the digital signage solution.

Are you ready to get started?

If you have started to explore digital signage project requirements, you are at the right place. As a leading digital signage display software, Blinkbee can be the best digital solution for managing digital screen contents from a centralized platform.

Digital signage software driving steadfast results

Restaurant digital signage: Modernize restaurant business

Innovatively delight your customers by displaying engaging and effective content across multiple digital displays.

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