Powerful digital signage for transportation, supply chain & logistics

Leverage digital signage techies for Transportation, Logistics & Supply Chain businesses. It helps in finding relevant information, transport updates and improves wayfinding.

Digital signage software driving steadfast results


of manufacturers use digital signage when displaying their products in trade shows and exhibitions.


improvement in workplace engagements through digital signage


reduction in injury and illness rates due to safety and health communications in digital signage

Advance communique effectively

Supply Chain digital signage has major applications across transportation & supply chains. It helps travelers with potential wayfinding and enables them to stay informed about the latest updates regarding their itineraries. It displays supply chain & logistics data with digital displays. Feature screens are stationed onboard and outdoors for displaying transit schedules, weather feeds and news.

Display relevant info & announcements

It helps in showcasing real-time data relating to transport schedules. Screens can be updated from a centralized space with an effective cloud-based platform. Transportation digital signage offers flair to supply chain & logistics businesses communicating relevant information in time. 

Display relevant info & announcements
Amplify profits

Amplify profits

Blinkbee digital signage provides a better platform for boosting profits with increased advertising revenues. Logistics & transportation businesses increase brand awareness with content displayed at scheduled time intervals.

Timely communication

On-time communication is pivotal to keeping every operation on schedule. It became important to acquire the right messages to the employees at the right time. As a powerful digital signage solution, Blinkbee offers an efficient communication system creating a space for creating, scheduling and updating content to digital screens located at diverse locations.

Timely communication

Features of transportation digital signage

  • Displaying real-time data right on the production floor
  • Updating content easily to single or multiple screens at a time
  • Sharing company news, events & tasks
  • Engaging employees effectively with awards & recognition displays.
Features of Transportation Digital Signage

Why choose Blinkbee for transportation digital signage? 


Easy usage

With the help of Blinkbee, it only takes a few seconds to get your content across display screens. One can upload content on platforms and display them within just a few clicks.


Display different content formats

For seamless play of all media content comprising videos, YouTube and images, Blinkbee digital signage enables companies to make use of content displays across multiple digital screens.


Effective security

Integrated with enterprise-grade features including SSL & firewall, our digital signage software comes with a high-security system for preventing any kind of online threat.


Remote support

Cloud-based logistics digital signage solution helps users to remotely manage content across different digital screen networks. Digital displays come in various forms such as video walls, digital billboards, LED screens and others.

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Digital signage software driving steadfast results

Transportation digital signage: Create transport experience easier with Blinkbee

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